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Graphite petroleum coke 0-1mm with low sulphur 0.05%

We supply the Graphitized Petroleum Coke with the specifications as below:

Fixed Carbon(%):98.5
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8
We manufacture different size, like 0-1mm, 1-5mm, 8-30mm

And we also supply the semi graphitizec petroleum coke with the specifications as below:

Fixed Carbon(%):98
Ash (%):0.8
Moisture (%):0.5
Volatile Matter (%) :0.8 
the different with the graphitized petroleum coke is the fixed carbon, sulphur and nitrogen.

Graphitized Petroleum Coke is made from high quality petroleum coke under a temperature of 3000℃. And,it is widely used as the best kind of recarburizer for producing high quality steel,special steel or other related metallurgical industries.

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