Supply high carbon recarburizer low sulfur calcined petroleum coke

High carbon recarburizer, generally refers to the petroleum caramel recarburizer, the carbon content is more than 98%, the sulfur content of the low sulfur calcined coke recarburizer is generally less than 1%, and the carbon supply supplied by Foshan Jitian Foundry Co., Ltd. There are three types of sulfur in the agent, 0.8%, 0.3% and 0.05%, respectively, which can be used in most foundries.

Located in the eastern part of Guangxi, Ganzhou, Guijiang and Xijiang Confluence, Cangzhou has been called the “Three Rivers and Confluences” since ancient times. It is located in the “Three Circles and One Belt” (the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle, the Beibu Gulf Economic Circle, the Great Southwest Economic Circle and the Pearl River – Xijiang Economic Belt) The carbonation agent supplied by Foshan Jitian Foundry Materials Co., Ltd. is also often supplied to all major regions of Guangxi. According to the sulfur content, it is divided into three grades, which are 0.8% of post-calcined coke carbon. Agent, sulfur 0.3% semi-graphite recarburizer, sulfur 0.05 total graphite recarburizer, the specific indicators are as follows:

The calcined petroleum coke recarburizer indicators are as follows:
Fixed carbon /% ≥98
Sulfur content /% (m / m) ≤ 0.7
Moisture /% (m / m) ≤ 0.5
Ash/%(m/m) ≤0.28
True density / g / cm3 ≥ 2.03
Powder resistivity / uΩ. m
Particle size Remarks: 0-1mm 0-2mm 1-3mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

The semi-graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer indicators are as follows:
Fixed carbon (FC) /% ≥ 98
Sulfur (SI) /% ≤0.3
Moisture (Mad) /% ≤0.5
Ash (A)/% ≤0.8
Volatile matter (V) /% ≤ 0.8
Nitrogen (N) /% ≤ 0.2
Particle size Remarks: 0-1mm 0-2mm 0-3mm 0.5-2mm 2-8mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

The indicators of total graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer are as follows:
Fixed carbon (FC) /% ≥98.5
Sulfur (SI) /% ≤ 0.05
Moisture (Mad) /% ≤0.5
Ash (A)/% ≤0.8
Volatile matter (V) /% ≤ 0.8
Nitrogen (N)/% ≤0.03
Particle size Remarks: 0-2mm 1-5mm 8-30mm (produced according to customer requirements)

related information:
Cangzhou Hardware Casting Co., Ltd. is located in Poshui Town, Cangzhou City, Guangxi Province. The 321 National Highway and the Guiyu Expressway pass by. The water transportation and railway can directly reach all major cities and ports in the country. It is 15 kilometers away from Chenzhou City. The company is a private enterprise engaged in foundry products and titanium smelting. The company has two production workshops of 6,000 square meters, two medium frequency electric furnaces, two electric arc furnaces, two heat treatment electric furnaces and other fixed assets of 10 million yuan. The main products are: high titanium slag, acid slag, TQ new anti-wear alloy grinding ball, chrome alloy grinding ball, spheroidal casting. With an annual output of 6,000 tons of grinding balls, high titanium slag, acid slag 1200 tons.

Ductile iron pipe is cheap and has the unique advantages of innate low cost: it has a short process technology of smelting and casting integration advocated by the foundry association; a series of pre-iron production conditions such as coking, pelletizing, sintering, coal injection, power generation, etc. Complete iron and steel preparation industry chain; low-phosphorus and low-sulfur iron ore in Shanxi is abundant; blast furnace, coke oven gas, steam supply is sufficient; labor cost is relatively low. It is easy to demould and can consume ingots with good surface quality. The structure is simple, the device is inconvenient, and there is a certain strength, rigidity and impact resistance. It is certain that the compression ratio of the ingot is different, the alloy is different, the specifications are different, and the compression ratio is not the same. In the case of ductile iron pipes, the ingots are 1.6% to 3.1%, and the compression ratios of the slabs vary greatly. The compression ratio of the cross section of the ingot is 1.

Specially produced DN100-DN1400mm ductile iron pipe and ductile iron pipe fittings are made of cupola iron, after electric furnace quenching and tempering--spheroidizing treatment--centrifugal casting--core--stable--annealing--spraying-- Round and sanding--hydraulic pressure test--cement inner coating--health---external coating of asphalt and other processes are strictly in accordance with the standard GB/T13295-2013 and ISO253-98E. Our company has strong production strength, advanced technology and equipment, and key equipment such as medium frequency electric furnace and spectrum analyzer are imported from abroad. The whole production line of centrifugal forming, annealing, zinc spraying, finishing and packaging is at the level.

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