180909 Weekly Review: China Recarburizer Price Market Review

180909 This week, China's recarburizer market started to work stably and trading was good. Among them, the market price of recalcurizer (common calcined coal) is lower. The main reason is that the downstream steel mills are affected by many factors such as environmental protection and trade warfare. In general, recarburizer shipments are limited, and the company is basically stable in environmental protection. Most of the inventory, the market price will decline. The market price of calcined coke recarburizer (calcined petroleum coke) was stable overall. The company said that although the price is high, the supply and demand side is relatively balanced, and the market is stable; the graphitized rebcarburizer (graphitized petroleum coke) market is raised by individual companies, and the market is out. The goods are in good condition and the production situation of the company is relatively stable.

Calcined coal recarburizer:
This week, the mainstream price of China's general calcined coal rebcarurizer market was lowered. The production in the main producing area of ​​Ningxia is stable overall, affected by the rain, and the transportation is slightly limited. The enterprises are mostly in the process of rectification and maintenance, preparing for the acceptance at the end of September. Due to the downstream receiving, the enterprises are more or less in stock, the market In general, the overall transaction is relatively light, and the mainstream market price is down. The overall market production in North China is relatively stable, but environmental protection pressure is still not small. The overall performance of the market is generally high, mainly depending on the poor start of the downstream steel mills.

Calcined post-recarburizer:
This week, the mainstream price of the calcined coke recarburizer market remained stable and the market was stable. In the northeast and north China, the production of enterprises is stable, the price of calcined coke is rising, and the cost pressure of enterprises is increasing. However, in view of the high price in the downstream market, the price intention is weak, the production enterprises are still shipping, and the mainstream prices of the market have not yet fully fluctuated.

Graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer:
This week, the market price of China's graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer was stable, and the company's price intention was strong. The main reason was the increase in cost. The crude oil price of raw materials rose in the mainstream, and the high-end operation, individual companies raised product prices. Among them, the production of individual enterprises in Henan and Xinjiang was suspended due to environmental protection, and the operating rate fell. In addition, the graphitization enterprises of anode materials in the market will start construction in the second half of the year, and the output will be released. Graphitized rebcarurizer is highly concentrated in the Inner Mongolia region. Enterprises in Jiangsu Province have normal production, good shipments and smooth exports.

Recarburizer is mainly used in steel smelting process. Due to improper ingredients or improper loading and excessive decarburization, the carbon content in steel or iron sometimes fails to meet the expected requirements. At this time, carbon is added to steel or molten iron. The relationship between recarburizer and steel is also very close. Domestic steel prices have stabilized this week. Recently, the market turnover is weak, but the recent environmental protection inspection work in Shandong is in full swing. The inventory of various steel mills has decreased, and the market price support is strong. Steel mills have obvious willingness to price, and the market price on the weekend has also risen slightly, but the mainstream temporary stability has been comprehensively considered. It is expected that the short building materials market will be operated in a multi-country volatility with a range of 50 yuan/ton.

Forecast of the market outlook: the raw material price of raw calcined coal will rebound in September due to the limited price of environmental protection acceptance enterprises, and the price of the crude calcined recarburizer will develop in a stable-up mode. The price of the calcined recarburizer and the graphitized petroleum coke recarburizer is driven by cost, and the price is stable or slightly upward.

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