180914 Daily Review: Petroleum Coke, Calcined Coke, Market Analysis of Prebaked Anodes for Aluminum

180914 Because the price of petroleum coke in the early stage is in the rising stage, the price of petroleum coke is steadily fluctuating at this stage, but it is still in a high state. The calcined coke and prebaked anode market associated with this are also stable.

The three major groups of petroleum coke market:
In terms of Sinopec, today's refinery's petroleum coke market is trading smoothly, and there are no other changes in refinery indicators. The sulfur in the Yanjiang area is still trading well, and the Jingmen petrochemical coking unit is expected to start on September 16. The Shengli petrochemical coking unit in Shandong will be shut down for maintenance on September 15. The inventory of petroleum coke in downstream calcined coke enterprises is mostly in the middle and low position. Therefore, the demand for petroleum coke market is relatively good. It is predicted that the price of petroleum coke in Sinopec's refinery will be stable next week.
For PetroChina and CNOOC, the price of Dushanzi Petrochemical Petroleum Coke in the northwest region was raised by RMB 50/ton today. The oil coke shipments of the plant performed well and the downstream enterprises received positive products. The commencement date of the coking unit of Shandong Haihua Group has all been postponed. At present, the atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit of the plant has been started, and the specific time will continue to be tracked.

Refining petroleum coke: Today's refining petroleum coke trading tends to be stable, the number of refineries under the coke price is reduced, and some refineries with high pre-pay prices are replenishing today. Judging from the current shipment situation of refinery petroleum coke, it is expected that the coke price will enter a stable period in the next few days, and the overall rebound possibility is slim.

Calcined coke market: The calcined coke market has not fallen due to the downward adjustment of the coking price, and the market as a whole is mainly stable.

The mainstream price of China's prebaked anode market remained stable. The price of raw material petroleum coke is high, and the prices of individual enterprises are slightly lowered, and the cost of anode raw materials is high. The promotion of environmental inspection and the approach to the heating season, strict environmental inspections everywhere, no major changes in market start-up, sporadic enterprises stop production and rectification, coupled with the downstream electrolytic aluminum market price affected by raw materials, inventory, macroeconomic, environmental protection, etc., affecting market operating rates However, due to its winter stocking, it is good for the anode market.

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